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Aims and Objectives

The teaching of English in a university of science and technology has, from the very beginning, been central to the vision of this University’s founding fathers who identified the benefit of a humanities and social sciences programme to science and technology. It broadens the minds of science students by covering areas outside their special areas of study, thus bridging the seemingly wide gap between the worlds of imagination and science; and it provides students of social sciences with interesting combinations that prepare them not only for a wide variety of job opportunities in public service but also for further studies in diverse areas of communication, human resource management, and teaching at the highest levels of education.

Specifically, the English courses are designed:

  • To equip students with good oral and written skills;
  • To teach them the basic skills with which to appreciate texts in general, and literary texts in particular, for the purposes of communication and teaching;
  • To expose students to the best examples of writing through the study of literary texts from a wide variety of cultures for the purposes of broadening their minds and enriching their vocabulary.