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Senior Members of the Department have not relented in their research and publication activities of which are Mr F. E. Kofigah, Mr. Julius Poghyaar-Kuutiero, Miss Philomena Ama Okyeso Abakah, Mrs Henrrietta Eyison, Professor S.K. Okleme's, Mr. Peter Awuah-Darteh's, K.O.O. Armah, Mr.E.Y. Akpali's

  1. 1. Mr F. E. Kofigah is currently working on three supplementary texts for English at the Senior High School. They are Poetry for Senior High Schools Vol 2; In The Chest Of A Woman: A Commentary and Grief Child: A Commentary. In addition to these, he is undertaking collaborative research with others in the field of literature and the teaching of English at the Basic, Junior High and Senior High School levels.
  2. Mr. Julius Poghyaar-Kuutiero has recently submitted a paper titled Appellations: A Case Study of a Dagara Tradition to the JUST for assessment. His research into The Folktale: Its Impact on the Socio-cultural Life of the Dagamba is on-going.
  3. Miss Philomena Ama Okyeso Abakah presented a paper titled Transcending Boundaries: Black Slave Women and Inter-racial Love in Langston Hughes's Mulatto and Mohammed Ben Abdallah's The Slaves at the Departmental Seminars initiated to create opportunities for students and staff to have their ideas reviewed by peers or their mentors. She is still collaborating with Mr. Kofigah to look at the Expectations, Illusions and Challenges of the Been-tos in Ama Darko's Beyond the Horizon and Ayi Kwei Armah's Fragments. She is also looking at the relevance of the study of Literature in a science and technology university.
  4. Mrs. Henrrietta Eyison worked on The New Face of Dilemma In The African Novel for the African Literature Association conference held in May 2006 in Accra. She has delivered a paper titled Building Bridges Over the Waters of African Literature (April 2007) and her research into The Problem of Language in African Literature is ongoing.
  5. Professor S.K. Okleme's two works in progress are, Modern Critical Perspectives on
    African Literatures A collection of Essays and The Ghanaian Novel: An Introduction.
  6. Mr. Peter Awuah-Darteh's work titled The Search for a National Language The
    Ghanaian Situation is on-going.
  7. K.O.O. Armah has had two papers published in the JUST journal. They are, The Printers Devil and English Language Infractions in the Ghanaian Print Media and Stemming the Falling Standard of English: A Semantic Appraisal of Passable But Deviant English Language Usage in Academia. He is still working on The English Language in Ghana Today; Street Language and The Move to Nativise the English Language in Ghana. Mr. Armah's research into "Decadence in Freedom which is a topological interpretation of Ghanaian Hip-Life Songs, is also on-going.
  8. Mr.E.Y. Akpali's Folk Tales - The Artists and Their Works and "Ghanaianism and Deviant Forms and Steps to Attaining Communicative Competence are also on-going.