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How to Apply

SSS Applicants: - 

Candidates must obtain PASSES in English, Core   
Mathematics and Integrated Science, and must also pass all three Elective subjects of aggregate or better.  Any three of the following relevant elective subjects English, History, Geography, French, Ghanaian Language, Literature. Religious Studies, Government or Social Studies.

Advanced Level Certificate (GCE ‘A’ - Level) Applicants

Five (5) Credits at the GCE ‘O’ Level, including English and Mathematics.
Three (3) GCE ‘A’ Level passes including one strong core subject such as History, Economics, English, French, Ghanaian Language, Literature, Government and Religious Studies.
A pass in the General Paper

Mature Applicants

The basic requirement of admission is 5 credits at the GCE “O” Level,including English and Mathematics, or passes in English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science, and three Elective subjects with an aggregate of 20 or better at the SSSCE.

Candidates should be at least 30 years at the time of application.
Passing a qualifying examination conducted by the Faculty which shall form the basis of a short–listing of candidates for an interview.
Passing an interview.

a) SSSCE/WASSSCE Applicants
Passes in THREE (3) SSSCE/WASSSCE core subjects (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science), plus passes in THREE (3)

Elective Subjects of the following groupings:

Visual Art:  General Knowledge in Art plus any TWO (2) Visual Art Elective Subjects.
Home Economics:  General Knowledge in Art, Management in Living and Clothing & Textiles.
Science: General Knowledge in Art and ONE (1) Visual Art subject plus any ONE(1) Science Subjects
Arts: General Knowledge in Art and ONE (1) Visual Art subject plus any ONE (1) Arts Subjects.
Business: General Knowledge in Art and ONE (1) Visual Art subject plus any ONE (1) Business Subjects.
Technical: General Knowledge in Art, Technical Drawing and ONE (1) plus any ONE(1) Technical subject.


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